As the environment has the potential to affect the social systems in every respect, the organizations, as social systems, should establish and maintain organic bonds with the environment they are involved in. Social systems, constituted in order to achieve some specific goals, are obliged to gather all the inputs they need from the environment and deliver all the outputs they produced to their environment and make them demanded. Such kind of an obligation makes the studies in the field of Public Relations and Advertising obligatory. The department has been established with the purpose of providing the human source that will be able to plan and carry out these studies at every level. 


Language of the Program: Turkish


About the Department:

The aim of the department of public relations and advertising, as a discipline of communication, is to train qualified students equipped with theoretical and practical information in both fields who can research, observe, question, generate solutions, use the communication technologies properly and conduct both public relations and advertising campaigns.

The students in our department have the opportunity to follow Double Major Undergraduate Program under favor of agreements made with other faculties. Students can study in abroad with Erasmus Exchange Program or in another institution in Turkey with Farabi Exchange Program.

Registration and Admission Requirements

Our department accepts students in accordance with the central exam administered by the national Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). There are no prerequisites for the student admission. A student studying in an equal program at home or abroad may apply for a transfer if the quota for the program is announced by the university. Student admission is conducted after the academic standings of the students are evaluated. Please, see Undergraduate Education-Training and Examination Regulations of Kastamonu University for comprehensive information.

Graduation Requirements: 

All students must complete minimum 240 ECTS and earn at least a 2, 00 CGPA out of 4, 00 to graduate.


Assessment and Evaluation:

The success of students in courses is determined by evaluating in-term grades together with final grades. In-term grades may include the mid-term marks and marks from course based practices such as homework, presentation, projects, etc. In accordance with the grading system, 40% of the mid-term mark and 60% of the final mark are added up and passing grade is determined.

Employment Opportunities:

The graduates can perform work at the public relations departments of public and private institutions, in the municipalities, newspapers, radio and televisions and health companies and institutions. Additionally, they can work at the marketing and publicity and human resources departments of the companies.

Also, the graduates that demand to maintain an academic career can attend to the master programs.

Master Education:

Master courses have started from the academic session 2018-2019 in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising within the Faculty.